Loyalty Rewards Program

What is Loyalty Rewards Program?

1. Partnership system The Angry Warrior loyalty program has been created for regular clients. Its aim is to give customers points for every order placed or for recomended customers. After collecting the appropriate pool of points, the Participant has the opportunity to exchange points for discount codes and use them during the order. Thanks to the partner system, the customer can buy cheaper. This is to reward our clients and show our gratitude for their trust.

2. Participation in the Partnership System is voluntary. To enter into the Partnership Program, the Customer is obliged to set up an account so that he can collect points.

What do we credit points for?

1. The customer receives 200 points to start by creating an account on the Store’s website. Points are calculated automatically.

2. The customer receives points for the recommendation. To receive points for a referral, the Participant must convince their friends to buy, and they must enter the referral code received from the referral when ordering (the code is available after logging into the account in the REFERRAL tab in the Partner Program panel). The code should be entered in the BASCET-CART – discount coupon tab, via the APPLY COUPON command. When a new Participant places an order, the recommender receives 100 points. The new customer obtained also receives the benefit of a 10% discount on the order placed at any given time. The minimum order is 10 PLN (not including shipping). Points are calculated automatically after completing the order.

3. The customer has the opportunity to receive 5 points for completing his profile data, including: date of birth, zip code and country. Points are calculated automatically.

4. The customer may use the option BIRTHDAY GIFT after entering his date of birth. The discount coupon is activated 5 days before the event and the participant has 10 days to take advantage of the 20% discount on the entire order (not including shipping). The Birthday Present option is activated one year after entering the date of birth to avoid fraud related to the event. The discount is granted automatically.

5. The Customer may receive 5 points for each evaluation of the PRODUCT PURCHASED. The product evaluation option is available after logging into your account and selecting the details of the order. After selecting a product from the order in the Reviews product card, the Customer can leave an opinion. After issuing the opinion, it will be approved by the System Administrator, and the discount will be calculated manually. This is to avoid artificial scoring and spamming the Store’s website. For an opinion to be approved, it must be on the subject, consistent, without profanity and linguistically correct.

6. The customer can comment on the Website’s blog. For each comment approved by the Administrator, the Participant receives 2 points, which are calculated manually. This is to avoid artificial scoring and spamming the Store’s website. For a comment to be approved, it must be on the topic, consistent, without profanity, and linguistically correct.

How to enter the loyalty program panel?

Referral code - how to receive?

The person’s recommending code automatically will send on yours e-mail, as well as it is visible in the loyalty program panel in the REFERAL.

Why do not I see the referral code?

The referral code is generated when the first order is placed. If a person only creates an account and does not make purchases, they will not receive a referral code.

Where do we enter the codes?

To receive a rebate, enter all rebate and recommendation codes in the CART tab.

The person buying from the referrential introduces the REFERRENTIAL CODE under the heading Discount Code and selects APPLY THE COUPON. The 10% rebate for the buyer and 100 points for the Referrer are automatically charged.

In the case of options CLAIM the code, in order to receive a rebate, we do the same as in the case of the referrential’s code.

How to exchange points?

1. The Customer has the option of exchanging the points collected through the CLAIM command from the LOYALTY PROGRAM PANEL item. Points are exchanged for the selected rebate code, which should be used in the CART tab by applying the coupon when placing the order. The voucher does not include shipping. Available coupons:

  • 500 points – A discount coupon of 5 PLN
  • 1000 points – A discount coupon of 10 PLN
  • 1500 points – A discount coupon of 20 PLN
  • 3000 points – A discount coupon of 50 PLN
  • 5000 points – A discount coupon of 100 PLN

2. Birthday Gift – The customer has the option of using a 20% discount code on the order. The code is activated 5 days before the event and is valid for 10 days. The code is sent by email. The code should be entered in the CART tab under the DISCOUNT COUPON heading and then the coupon should be used. The discount will be calculated automatically.

3. The collected number of points the Customer can exchange immediately when ordering. To lower the order directly when placing the order, without using discount coupons, the Customer should apply his points at the command “Use 2,100 points to get a discount of 7.00 PLN for this order” and select the APPLY option. When using points directly when placing an order, each 100 points spent reduces the order by 0,3 PLN.

Methods of calculating points and their punctuality

Points are calculated automatically in the case of creating an account, completing an order, and referrential another person. In the case of recomended opinions about products or commenting on entries, points are awarded manually, in order to avoid spamming the pages, aimed at artificial acquisition of points.

In the case of REFUND, CANCELLATION, the points are withdrawn. In the case of exchanging products for products with different prices – the number of points will be converted manually. It is noted that points are calculated from the NET value of products, where VAT and shipping are not included.

Points are awarded at the moment of FINISH ORDERING an order, and not its submission.

Points are awarded for an indefinite period, unless the customer receives an individual rebate in the form of points, then points can be accrued on time, which the Client will be informed about. The points obtained through the above-mentioned ways of awarding points are NO LIMIT TIME. The Customer may at any time request a REPLACEMENT of the points on the DISCOUNT CODE, after which he will be automatically assigned to him.

In the case of orders for different e-mail addresses, but the same shipping address (in order to avoid artificially generating points) points will by cancellation. Each order must have a paid shipment. We do not include merging orders from different e-mail addresses to the same shipping address with the option of “personal collection, please send along with the X order”.

Where can I check my points?

The number of points, including points used and points to be used in the future, can be checked on the MY ACCOUNT page in the loyalty program tab.

In case of problems with the account or request for detailed information about the use of points, please contact the website administrator via e-mail sklep@angrywarrior.pl


In the case of questions, ambiguities or remarks, please send any questions to the e-mail address sklep@angrywarrior.pl