System Loop & Eye

Eyelets in the Scolopendra System are our next “Loop and Eye” system. The L&E system allows you to pull shockcord through any eyelets, and thus you can attach any object. The “Loop and Eye” system is made of double, anti-reflective and mat buttons, which were made with a special design for us to order.

The LOOP AND EYE system was created with a view to moving additional equipment. It is dedicated primarily to the products of the SCOLOPENDRA System, but also can be found in other products of offerts, for example pouches or waist pack.

The biggest role in the system is played by the possibility of any interlacing of shockcord, thanks to which we can use a wide apply and adoption the equipment as desired depending on the task being performed.

System Loop & Eye used in the standrad panels of SCOLOPENDRA System

Matt anti-reflective eyelets in the Loop and Eye system designed for the SCOLOPENDRA System were also used in standard panels M.S.O.S.M. Scolopendra. The panel has a Loop & Eye system, thanks to which you can attach any objects with a shockcord, weaving the shockcord in front of matt eyes. The option of interlacing a shockcord is facilitated by the use of a Velcro system on one side of the panel (bottom part to avoid sand from pouring in). This allows you to freely tilt the outer / front part (the part with webbings and eyelets) and attach the shockcord in the preferred way to mount additional items. In a wider application, the hinged panel option with Velcro fastening can be used as a pocket for flat objects, for this purpose the scolopendra panel should be mounted upside down (the label should be at the top, and not as standard at the bottom of the panel).

System L&E

Plate Carrier Karachi

The Loop and Eye system was also used in our tactical vests. The Plate Carrier Karachi pocket with the LOOP AND EYE system makes it easy to mount additional elements such as tactical stasis, lightsitck, etc. This allows you to carry more items you need without loading additional pockets.

An example of using the LOOP AND EYE system in other products

Tactical Kideny

Waist pack with Loop and Eye system allows you to mount additional items on the front.


The panel pouch with Loop and Eye system allows you to mount on the front additional items, like lightstick, tactical stance, etc.

RAID Plate Carrier

Tactical vest with Loop and Eye system on the front pocket allows you to mount additional items, such as lightstick, tactical stasis, etc.