How long?

The delivery time for products available in the stock (available on stock of website) is expected to last from 2 to 5 business days. The delivery time for back-orderis products (available back-orderis products on the website) is expected from 15-30 business days. The lead time is counted from the day the payment is credited. The delivery period for back-orderis products may be extended if there is a large number of orders or when the order is complex, and the customer will be informed immediately.

In the case of individual orders (products not normally offered on the store’s website), the delivery time is expected to be between 30-40 business days. The duration of individual orders depends on the complexity of the order, the implementation of the design required to complete the product, and testing its design.

Any changes in the design of the products presented on the Store’s website will be treated as an individual order, not returnable. In this case, Angry Warrior reserves the right to change the price of the product. In the event of design changes to the product ordered by the Store, the Customer is asked to contact an Angry Warrior employee in advance to determine the individual price.